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Quantum Quants helps companies and institutions to get insights on quantum computing and its applications to real world problems.

We offer courses and workshops on quantum mechanics, quantum computing, applications to finance, data science, material research and development and prototype implementation of algorithms and models in IBM Qiskit framework, Google Tensorflow Quantum, AWS Amazon Braket and D-Wave Leap2.

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Giuseppe Colucci (founder) is a PhD in theoretical physics. He is an expert on quantum field theory, financial risk models and banking/ALM strategy.


He developed interest for quantum computing since his master in Theoretical physics and is currently active in publishing academic papers on applications of quantum computing to finance and data science. He is currently also a senior ALM specialist at de Volksbank N.V.

He started Quantum Quants to show the power and possibilities of quantum computing and  enjoy the development and implementation of quantum algorithms in real applications.  

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Francesco Giacosa is a professor at the Jan Kochanowski University, Kielce (Poland), and Privatdozent at the J.W. Goethe University, Frankfurt (Germany).


He is an expert in Hadron physics and Quantum Mechanics. He is currently teaching a course on quantum computing to the faculty of engineering at the Jan Kochanowski University.




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